My current prized possession and my very first duck recipe

29 Nov

I prefer cooking to baking. Though I would also love to try and master baking some day. But for now I enjoy trying out recipes from my favorite chefs like Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, and my current interest, Gordon Ramsay. I recently went to Whitcoulls and saw one of his first published books, Gordon Ramsay makes it easy. It included a DVD which added to its enticement. I didn’t buy it at first as sometimes I have the tendency to just stock up recipe books and not use them at all. But they all seemed very enticing to buy that’s why I did. Although I did get to try cooking some of them but they didn’t last long and eventually they got kind of boring. I think I just wanted to keep trying out new recipes as life is short! I want to savour different kinds of dinner, which I also have for lunch the following day as I’m a full time preschool teacher. And I think that it’s really worth investing on buying recipe books from renowned chefs (and applications as well such as Jamie Oliver’s one which I currently have. The application itself is free actually which is good but if you want to keep expanding it, that’s the time you purchase more of his recipes. Initially, the application has some stock recipes.) as you get to taste what they cook and learn culinary techniques as well. Once you’ve mastered all of them, you can prepare special meals for yourself and awe your family and friends with your newly honed talent ;P without having to spend for attending an actual culinary school. I know that’s a totally different story but hey, if you enjoy what you cook for yourself, the passion that you put on every plate will also be savoured by your family and friends. Maybe aside from the fact that they all love you and they want to boost your confidence and not let you down 😀 But my own family is a great critic and that’s alright because I learn that way too.
Anyway, yes I ended up buying Gordon’s book and I’m very happy about it and I can’t wait to try his recipes soon. There’s a certain pleasure in plating which I really enjoy! Here is his book..


Also, just this week, I thought of buying duck breasts instead of chicken which I wanted to roast and pour gravy on with potatoes and carrots and nicely seasoned with salt, pepper and rosemary. There was a cooking instruction at the back of the duck breast packet but it really wasn’t the typical method done by the likes of Jamie and Gordon. So I was happy to find a duck recipe in Gordon’s book and I made a similar one.



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