Two Recipes in One

2 Dec

When I went to the grocery a couple of weeks ago, I told myself that I’d like to have some asparagus in one of my meals again just because New World Supermarket has started selling them.

So I browsed through Gordon’s book and I was so happy to find an asparagus recipe which included the hollandaise sauce. At the same time, I was also craving for seared fish and he had another recipe as well which had mashed potatoes and baked tomatoes.

I bought salmon.. because I like salmon! šŸ™‚


The potatoes in the recipe had shreds of crab meat but I didn’t include them any more. Instead I just added the spring onions which was really in the recipe. Then I used the asparagus rather than the leeks as they were pretty much the same in appearance. Finally I added the baked tomatoes on the side and I prepared the hollandaise sauce instead of the vinaigrette which was in the asparagus recipe. It was a little bit of a crazy mix up (as I washed a lot of pans and pots after ;P) but I should say it did turn out quite well. So here is what I made…

Seared Salmon with mashed potatoes and spring onions, baked tomatoes and steamed asparagus in hollandaise sauce.

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