Christmas Feast 2011

7 Jan

I know.. I know.. this is really too late now. But hey.. I guess everyone felt the christmas rush and obviously I was one of them. Better late than never though.

This was my first christmas in NZ. I spent it with special people who were there for me during my settling period last 2010. It was a great decision to stay with them as I never felt lonely during that time. I didn’t even think about wishing I was home. Though I’ve quite prepared myself for a long time before this great event and well, good that it worked for me!

Tito Dan cooked this ham painstakingly the whole day and it was wickedly good!!!

And of course my beloved teacher colleague/friend/big sister prepared something sweet to balance our savoury appetites.. strawberries, cherries and marshmallows..

This made it really more balanced which I loved as well.. avocado and cherry tomatoes on greens

By the way, these are my loveable “siblings” Justin and Cath.. they really made my christmas much more fun. Need I tell you more? 🙂 Hey where’s Faustin?

Here’s Tito Dan, my Nazi Zombies partner who nags me like crazy when I don’t do my job well putting those zombies down. I’m trying!! Thanks Tito Dan for the wonderful ham! Are we having midnight snacks now???

Teacher Raf, preparing or enjoying our snack?? Who cares?! We’re gonna dig in soon!!

And is this how we’re gonna end our christmas celebration??

WHAT A TREAT!!!!! Thanks Faustin for this 🙂

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