9 Jan

I think I’ve watched too many series lately and it’s just too much online streaming that I reckon I should stop now and nourish my hunger again for reading books. When I was still in primary school, I read a lot. Mostly fiction. I loved the Sweet Valley and Nancy Drew series. Those were my series before. All I could ever wish for during special occasions were those books. I wanna relive those days again. I want to have that same hunger for books now.

So I got myself this book earlier this afternoon. I just bought a not so thick one because right now, it will really be a challenge for me to finish it! As I progress maybe I’ll buy the much thicker ones. But for now, I have to learn to get back into the rhythm first. I want to be as realistic as possible. Take note as well that the font and spacing used were quite to my advantage lol

So this year, I hope to be more of a reader than a sloucher for television series (gulp!)…

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