Strawberries, vanilla & marshmallows

12 Jan

These three ingredients have almost been always available in all groceries I’ve been to back in the Philippines. It was just now that I’ve realized..hmmm.. why have I not thought of putting them all together?? I guess because usually we just have our ice creams taken plain and simple as they already have their own flavours and they are great as they are. The marshmallows could just be an extra sweet treat as the cream itself is already sweet though they add another element of texture in your mouth to break the impact of cold from the cream and they’re also chewy and less softer.

But the addition of fruit brings the dessert to another level of goodness.

The sourness balances the taste as it mixes up with the sweetness which all brings a delightful end of day summer dessert..


dream of me!!! 🙂

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