I miss my bibimbap!!

23 Jan

It’s really a shame that it took me quite a while to get this blog going again. I just kept postponing it because I’m always caught up with a lot of interesting things online about travel. But I should stick with it as I do not want to be just keeping my pictures in my album roll. They’re for sharing and they need stories to go with them or else they will just turn up useless. And besides, I just recently came up with my own new year’s resolution list and that includes more reading for me and less watching, more writing which means doing this blog and my more recent ones are travelling and exploring Auckland more even just once a month and listening to my body to keep myself more healthy and fit! Big tasks I know!!
Ok let’s get to business. A couple of weeks back, my love for Korean stuff suddenly got back again. It didn’t last that long though. I prepared an all time favourite korean dish called bibimbap.

Yes it has got minced pork, carrot strips, different kinds of mushroom and beansprouts over steamed rice. I wanted the dish to be more colourful but those were the only ingredients available during that time.

And of course I topped it off with an egg. I cook perfect over easy eggs. I don’t know why this time I failed myself..

The dish needed the korean red chilli paste as well but there wasn’t any available also (talkin’ about being in a countryside). That’s why I just resorted to my ever reliable Heinz tomato sauce. Yes not ketchup it’s tomato sauce and that’s truly a kiwi thing which I will never win over..

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