Beef Mechado

28 Feb

I don’t know where we derived the term mechado from but certainly this is an authentic filipino dish. I always wished that I should have taken photos of my other filipino dishes but I was always too hungry, excited, and extremely eager to devour instantly what I have been suppressed from for a good couple of years now. They were always laid and plated in such a way that I’ve always done when I was still back home. That is “homey or being so cozy and laid back on the plate that everything’s all around without even a
hint of finesse and looking very much like pig food. I’m not sure if I could even use the word “plated”. So it wasn’t exactly something to be proud and
taken picture of and make an exhibition
out of it. But it’s another kind of mess and comfort that we each all have in a
weird way.

But in this dish, I managed to make it look camera worthy and appetizing at least. It’s a tomato based dish with a little bit of soy sauce and lemon and chunks of beef. And to my delight and
surprise, I thought it was a really good copycat of the authentic one.


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