Where there’s travel, there’s food

18 Mar

And you can’t separate them. Where there are locals, there’s good food. And cheap too!

Anyway, during our two week long holiday, we’ve been from tip to tip of the north island of nz although we haven’t gone in between. We just explored Auckland as there’s plenty to discover, see and do here too.

On our first day as I’ve mentioned in my just posted post, I chose for us to have breakfast at Matakana Saturday Market to give them a good view of what’s waiting for them here in this beautiful country of New Zealand. My uncle ordered kedgeree…

which my mom thought had the evil ingredient “cumin” from which she faithfully believes every indian or middle eastern dish has. She doesn’t like it. She hates it. No more questions asked. I said to her, “Be open.” But it’s not as if I like their dishes too. I guess there’s still a whole lot of things for both of us to learn and appreciate. At least I could say that I’m more open than her!
She has had the bacon and egg bap. According to dictionary.com, bap is a british noun which means a soft, flattish bread roll. Hmm, if only I wasn’t as enthused as now to write this post, I wouldn’t have found that out. That’s why I’m really glad that I’m still hanging on to my resolution of doing more reading and writing rather than just being a tv slave.

I had waffles and banana slices in syrup . Perfect meal to start that day for myself.

And of course, my mom and I shared this lovely hot cup of chocolate.


For lunch, we headed to Parnell village and tried the strawberry alarm clock cafe. I had cajun chicken in wholemeal toasts and my mom had pumpkin soup which she didn’t like (again) because she found it sweet and preferred a savoury one. So I ended up sharing my sandwich with her. I still love her despite her little tantrums. 🙂 My uncle had a classic BLT sandwich which I failed to take a photograph of because we were just ready to devour the minute our food was brought to us.


Then for dinner, I opted for the typical kiwi fastfood, fish and chips. It was delicious I should say after having tried dozens of them since I got here. The battered fish was huge! Wrong shot angle but it really was. Get them at the Puhoi general store.


For lunch the next day, I brought them to Morris & James Pottery Cafe. The first time I went there, I fell in love with its seemingly European country charm with vines and leaves hugging its walls and their alfresco dining under the sun. It was lovely. We ordered Mediterranean pizza

Fish cakes

and market salad.

It was filling and satisfying.

The day after my uncle left, my mom and I went on the Overlander train for a scenic rail journey from Auckland to Wellington. We had our lunch stop at the National Park with the snowcapped Mt. Ruapehu backdrop. I just bought a bacon and cheese sandwich with fresh salad on the side.


After eating sandwiches and salads relentlessly, I started craving for Asian food again. And here was the answer to my prayer..

Wow! 🙂

And after a savoury meal, my tastebuds started searching for something sweet.
So we went to lower cuba street at a corner cafe and had a caramel slice and chai latte


The next day I bought us breakfast at mcdonald’s and ordered an extra yoghurt berry crunch.

I think that yoghurt and muesli are beginning to win me over. 🙂

My mom desired for a hot bowl of congee. So we went to Jasmine chinese restaurant near the cable tram station. Unfortunately, the lady there told us that Kiwis generally don’t like it that’s why they don’t include that in their menu. So we ended up having the $15pp buffet. Really good!!!





What a way to end our Wellington adventure.

The following day, our friends brought us to The Observatory restaurant at the Sky Tower. Another buffet! But my plan attack was not to eat any sort of carbs. Still it wasn’t succesful as I thought it would be for I didn’t get to try the last two desserts that I wanted to try. Ok get ready for this long line up!
Southern clams and cockles in Sicilian tomato salsa (didn’t dip)

Mud crab in black bean sauce (same here)

Seared peruvian scallop, sweet corn puree and truffle mustard

Steamed saltwater tiger prawns

Baby octopus in sour marinade

Queen scallop

Broadbill with polenta, lemon butter sauce and anchovy mayonnaise

Coromandel green lip mussels with tamarind, fried orange and coconut milk

Mushroom terrine

Field mushrooms and roasted garlic salad

Sanma Japanese mackerel

Classic ham


Now with the glorius desserts..
Caramel apple tarts

Coconut lime cake

Fresh fruits

Pavlova with apple and feijoa compote

Baked red currant cheesecake

Elderflower panna cotta


And this I didn’t get to try and failed to get the name as well


Our last leg was at Bay of Islands in the towns of Paihia and Russell where we stayed and joined the Cape Reinga Tour on our second day. We had lunch in a Thai restaurant and my mom had
Barbecue pork in sweet sauce and rice

I had chicken and vegetables in peanut sauce

I just loved this carved raddish with its reddish outline. Not that I ate it!


Dinner was at Jack’s and we shared the biggest order of ribs


Then we had buffet lunch (again) during the tour at Houhora. Don’t worry, this is just a short line up!


And my mom got this tiny crab inside one of her mussels


Dinner in a chinese restaurant (still staying positive about mommy’s congee) but naah.. we ordered
Fried whole fish in sweet sour sauce (which really screams chinese)


Lastly, still with an adventurous but tired spirit, we headed to the old little town of Russell, around fifteen minutes from Paihia by ferry. We had lunch at the Duke of Marlborough hotel. I got
Thai Beef salad

and my mom got the
Grilled cuban sandwich


That was some gastronomic journey!!

4 Responses to “Where there’s travel, there’s food”

  1. Derek4Real March 21, 2012 at 1:13 am #

    Your pictures are making me hungry… 😉

  2. amcoballes March 21, 2012 at 1:10 pm #

    It’s really meant to! LOL

  3. helen g March 26, 2012 at 2:20 pm #

    The tiger prawns, scallops, mud crab and baby octopus all look delicious! I’m heading down there..now! LOL.

    • amcoballes March 26, 2012 at 5:15 pm #

      nagulat ako..i thought.. who’s helen g? tas sbe ko sh*t!! pupunta ka na ngayon!! hahaha!!! i didn’t have carbs then maybe except for the little cakes which i had at the end of the binge session pero grabe sa kabusugan!

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