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Yellow Flowers

12 Dec

When I started putting displays on my mini ledge, I thought flowers could make it more lively and fresh. I wanted white ones to match my crisp white bed cover. And I also wanted the orchid variety but I couldn’t find any here until recently during my visit to a nearby mall. It was quite pricey but I told myself that I will have to get it at another time. So here’s one closest to the one I really wanted..

and then I said I wanted to get the yellow variety as well as soon as the white one wilts..


Yellow kind of makes you cheerful about things. Isn’t that gorgeous? 🙂


My White Christmas Tree

30 Nov

When I went to Paihia, Bay of Islands, I found this very attractive shop and it’s called Loft. It sells a variety of house items like placemats, candles, throw pillows, scented oils, silverware and other things you usually use at home and some nice stuff for display. Everything was nice as most of the items are fit for use in a bach most especially if it’s a beach house. Well, that’s how I saw the items there. The colours are very summery and bright. But there was one thing that I got for myself. This…

I like that it’s white and wooden and I also love its intricate carving! It has different kinds of snowflakes, butterflies, a dove and flowers. And I also like the touch of grey on two of the snowflakes. Most of all, the price was very attractive!! So I instantly bought it and thought maybe I could have a white christmas this year 🙂